Meet the Team

Edwin Griffiths

Paranormal investigator, ghost hunter, anti-sceptic. While some parapsychologists bring intellectual rigour and scientific balance to their work, Edwin is a great believer in being a great big believer. As Shakespeare said, 'there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy' â€" and that was ages ago, so... stands to reason doesn't it? Long-listed for the prestigious Welsh Ghost Hunter Magazine's Welsh Ghost Hunter of the Year Award ten years running.

Follow Edwin on Twitter: @Edwin_LGH

Maurice Smythe

Psychic, Mentalist, Ultra-Sensitive. If Edwin is the 'brains', Maurice is the psychic heart, muscles and genitals of Live Ghost Hunt. With his Native American spirit guide, Big Chief Eye Spy, he has appeared at psychic fairs, ghost conventions and school jumble sales across the globe.  Some of you may pretend not to recognize Maurice as the resident psychic on Babestation (Freeview only).

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Miriam Green

Goth. Assistant. The newest member of the team, Miriam is Live Ghost Hunt's resident technology expert. She's been interested in the paranormal since seeing 'Beetlejuice' at a cousin's eleventh birthday party.

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